Our Primordia Group Mission

As sentient beings, we are here to evolve—to evolve openly and creatively as all beings must. This is our ultimate destiny as a species. Instead, we are tied down by mundane material ends that surround all aspects of our daily existence. We are bogged down by acute needs that stem from shortages and crises in housing, energy, foods, and water, and from imbalances associated with education, health, and the environment. With all our technological advances, we have not been able to alleviate the human condition of misery that we witness in most parts of the world. Meeting material needs alone has become an obsession, consuming all our energies, resources, and talents. As a result of this relentless and unsustainable material pursuit, not only is the environment around us deteriorating at an alarming rate, but we have also become slaves of a man-made process that can only bring about even more stress and unhappiness.

Our Primordial Earth

The Primordia Group therefore seeks to restore balance and sanity to our planet by focusing on sustainable development and technologies that can alleviate various material shortages and challenges. We actively collaborate with scientists and well-doers worldwide who contribute through the discovery and implementation of practical solutions. The scope of our work covers areas like foods, water, housing, energy, health, education, and the environment. Since these areas are closely intertwined, each area cannot be fully addressed without our attempting to address all other areas. We hope that the resolution of these shortages will not only enable us to release our attention from our daily concerns, but it will also teach us to partake in the improvement of the human condition rooted in sustainability and harmony.