Through extensive research, testing, and evaluation, we are able to ensure that our products meet the highest international quality standards. We actively collaborate with scientists worldwide who contribute through the discovery and implementation of practical solutions. Geos is actively affiliated with multiple research institutions across the world, including Chang Gung University and Ming Chi University of Technology in Taiwan, The Rockefeller University, Harvard University, and University of the Pacific in the United States, and several other universities in Beijing, China. All of our research scientists have backgrounds in Materials Sciences and Engineering, Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Chemistry, Physics, and Nanomaterials. Our scientists have spent many years studying natural sedimentary rock formation and have combined their collective knowledge to create a line of GreenCementTM products which we call Alumnasil®. Our R&D team is composed of research scientists, engineers, plastic manufacturers, and cement industry veterans. We hope that our combined efforts in educational product innovation and development will contribute positively not only to our individual health but more importantly to the health and wellbeing of the entire Earth.