What is GreenCement?

We have researched and developed a unique reaction process that converts common silicate materials into cement by using natural catalysts and mechanical treatments done under controlled alkaline conditions. Our GreenCementTM uses a variety of industrial solid wastes, such as water quenched slag, fly ash, and volcanic ash, as its main raw materials. During the production process, our Primordia Elements®, a unique blend of natural minerals and trace elements, are also added to the mixture. Since our technology uses industrial solid waste materials instead of natural limestone and clay, natural resources are conserved, thereby allowing us to recycle our finite resources and protect the global environment.
Composite, Natural.
Our GreenCementTM is not only stronger than Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC), but it is also more cost effective by reducing overall costs and completely ecological as none of its ingredients need to be calcined or burned at high temperatures. Our method drastically lowers the amount of CO2 emissions during the production process, contrary to OPC, which is reputedly one of the main polluters and emitters of CO2 in the world. Unlike OPC, our reaction is entirely exothermic, resulting in the polymerization of what can be called a “cold ceramic.” By processing GreenCementTM at ambient temperatures, the manufacturing process uses less energy and can be called both a “clean” and “cold” process, helping to further protect our environment.

Calcium oxide-silicates, or cement, are not found to exist naturally on earth. With exposure to natural weather elements and climate fluctuations, cement normally lasts only 50 years or so before cracking and corroding. Unlike sedimentary rocks that are naturally formed, often times in harsh environments, cement is unable to withstand high saline conditions and tend to corrode in the presence of salt. Our GreenCementTM is made to last and to withstand natural weather conditions for many years longer than regular cement. We have created a “sedimentary stone” that mimics the way that Mother Nature has built the Earth over billions of years. Our GreenCementTM forms an elaborate alumino-silicate structure, offering excellent durability and stability. When GreenCementTM is used in concrete, it introduces a variety of reconfigured silicate elements that weld together to form a network of alumino-silicate polymers similar to the structure of natural aluminum silicate rocks. This structure produces strong and durable concrete that exhibits excellent shrinkage stability and an unmatched resistance to corrosive acid, water permeability, chloride ion penetration, freeze-thaw damage, carbonation, and alkali aggregate reaction. Its attributes make it a building material with a lifetime that easily exceeds 50 years.